The Scientific Committee invites you to actively participate in this congress, which will be an exceptional occasion for the exchange of opinions and experiences. We look forward to receiving abstracts online for their consideration and inclusion in the scientific program as oral or poster presentations.

The submitted abstracts should provide a brief description of the title and topic. All abstracts will be reviewed by members of working groups and/or the Scientific Committee.

All accepted abstracts will be published in the “Abstract Book,” available as a digital supplement to the “Archive of Oncology” journal, as well as online on the congress website.

Guidelines for the preparation and submission of abstracts

Guidelines for the preparation of abstracts

  • Abstracts should be submitted only in English.
  • Please ensure that the title clearly indicates the content of the attached abstract.
  • Avoid abbreviations in the title (scientific terms are an exception). Abbreviations can be used in the text if defined upon first use.
  • Use proper English language.
  • Please do not write abstract titles and co-author names in uppercase.
  • Author names (full name, surname) and affiliation (institution, city, country) should be provided in the appropriate fields on the form, not in the abstract title.
  • Omit degrees, titles, addresses, and acknowledgments in the abstract title and text.

Do not copy your abstract from any word processing program.

To provide all necessary information in the abstract, please:

  • State the specific background and aim of the study.
  • Specify the methods used.
  • Summarize the obtained results.
  • State the conclusions drawn.
  • Choose 3 to 6 keywords in alphabetical order, preferably derived from the “Medical Subject Headings” (MeSH) medical dictionary.
  • Ensure that the abstract is free of spelling, grammatical, or scientific errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted.
  • Use Times New Roman, font size 12, justify alignment, and 1.5 line spacing.

Invited speakers can also submit extended abstracts with key references.